Anonymous asked:

What happens if iwatobi and samzuka become horny during class and their partner unknowingly does things that turns them on

imagine-swimmerboys answered:

Makoto: He’s blushing so hard it’s pretty easy to tell right away, from how he keeps fidgeting in his seat and crossing his legs and trying to focus. He’d need to leave halfway through class to take care of himself, still blushing when he comes back. (He’d never tell his partner about it.)

Haruka: He tries to keep calm about it, even though he’s sweating and freaking out in the inside. If his partner is sitting close enough he’d reach over and squeeze their hand tightly to try to communicate how he was feeling, and rush to the bathroom right after class ends. 

Nagisa: He’s also antsy and keeps rocking around in his chair, so instead he writes a note to his partner and makes sure it gets to their desk, which would probably tell them to stop being distracted and that he really wanted to do it. 

Rei: The moment he realizes it, he blushes and desperately tries to stop looking at his partner and willing for his problem to go away by thinking of everything science-related and running facts through his head, but it wouldn’t last long and he’d have to run right out of class after stiffly shooting his hand into the air. 

Rin: He tries to force the blush off his cheeks, sweating and trying to figure out what to do. So instead he just lowers himself onto his desk and hides his face from his partner with an arm, scribbling furiously into the margins of his paper and trying to distract himself until class ends. 

Sousuke: He clicks his tongue a little, sighing when he notices what’s going on. Sousuke would probably manage to keep his cool until the end of class, but right after it’s over he wouldn’t be able to take it and drag his partner to the bathroom, pressing them up against the wall right away. 

Nitori: Nitori might as well be shaking in his chair, fists tight in his lap and his face so hot there might as well be steam coming out of his head. He’s not focused on the lesson at all, simply squeezing his eyes shut and trying to force down his issue down south. 

Seijuurou: He gets really impatient, tapping his fingers on his desk and twirling his pencil and drawing spirals on his paper while asking why his partner has to be so distracting all the time. He’d wait until they were alone before having his way with them, though. 

Momotarou: The second he feels his problem coming on, he fidgets around in his chair and twiddles his thumbs until he gets so restless the teacher has to ask if he needs to use the bathroom. His classmates would laugh, but he’d nod and run right out of there, trying to get his partner’s cuteness out of his mind.